"I'd recommend Julie and DiSC to any people manager. Huge value.”

Simon Day – Director, Strategic Innovation,


Extra Technology works in partnership with UBER Training Solutions. We resell Julie’s services and we also engage Julie to lead our internal Talent Development initiatives.

Julie’s education programmes exploit her insight to human behaviour and her understanding of the inner-workings of organisations. Her pragmatic, honest, analytical approach delivers tangible improvements to team communication, staff relationships, and corporate productivity – resulting in individuals behaviour change and wholesale business improvement.

Julie possesses a vast armoury of coaching/mentoring techniques that she deploys to great effect. Always energetic and enthusiastic, she is a great team-player. I endorse Julie's services wholeheartedly.

Mark Mannion, Managing Director, Extra Technology


“I have been very fortunate to attend several training programs managed and facilitated by Julie. Each have had a huge impact on me on both a professional and personal level. Julie is passionate about your development and taking you through that journey, she brings a level of energy and enthusiasm that makes you want to listen, get involved and improve your skills/knowledge. Julie has a fresh and dynamic training style, always relevant to today’s challenging work environments and brings with it a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie, she is truly exceptional!”

Fleur Bamber - Account Director at CA Technologies, UK


 “Julie facilitates with authenticity and an unmatched openness providing the best possible learning environment for self-awareness and leadership training. I always look forward to Julie’s courses as I know they’ll be exciting and energetic while ensuring I come away feeling it was time well spent with valuable skills ensuring I do a better job. Julie always has a tremendous positive impact on all lucky enough to attend her courses and I consider myself extremely lucky to have attended a number of them.”

Naoise Gaffney – Enterprise Architect/Global Practice at CA Technologies, UK & Ireland


 “Julie has been my mentor for the past 6 months, she has played a huge part in my career at CA and helping me through real business challenges, significantly improving my assertiveness and influencing skills around senior managers. The results and feedback I’ve had since meeting with Julie has been outstanding. If anyone can have an impact on you and your business, it’s Julie.”

Gemma Davie – Senior Principal, Financial Planning & Analysis at CA Technologies, UK


 “Having been fortunate enough to attend a leadership programme managed and facilitated by Julie and her team I would like to recommend her as an outstanding coach, training facilitator and mentor. Julie is energetic, open and enthusiastic about her subject which, when combined with her wealth of experience and knowledge, make her an ideal coach or mentor for both large groups and individuals. I would like to thank Julie and the team for the opportunity and would give her the highest recommendation available based on her ability to challenge current ways of thinking, provide self-awareness and create a platform for transforming business and personal performance; all delivered in a highly engaging, dynamic and interactive environment. Highly recommended and I would definitely utilise Julie for any future training or consultancy requirements.”

James Jenkins – Europe Account Director at CA Technologies, UK


“Julie's skills and reputation as a pragmatic, down to earth facilitator and training advisor within the organization has ensured that our brand as a Talent Development function is trusted and drives real behavioural change. Her supportive, perceptive and thoughtful facilitation style allows her to develop very effective engagement and rapport early on and continue individual development through mentorship and coaching.    She is a pleasure to work with.  “

Sue Henley - EMEA Head of Talent Development, Diversity & Inclusion at CA Technologies, UK


I've followed some intensive trainings with Julie and I have been impressed by her enthusiasm and creativity as well by her extensive knowledge and ability to speak in front of a large audience. She is not afraid to challenge every situation and has the confidence to think outside of the box while keeping strong relationship with individuals.

Alexandra Satara-Bartko  -Sr Deal Desk Director South Europe at CA Technologies, ITALY


Julie is a great professional development coach and facilitator. I separate these 2 attributes as her ability to facilitate any subject deserves recognition.

Irrespective of the subject or the audience, Julie has a talent to create the right atmosphere in a room to enable the participants in any training or coaching session to learn. An environment of safety and openness is crucial to success, especially with leadership development training.

Julie has an ability to engage the room and allow for some genuine self-assessment, getting the participants to pay attention to what is important for them.   I have learnt a lot from Julie over the years, for which I am hugely grateful.

Julie Baxter - VP, CA Support EMEA, UK


Having worked with Julie both as someone who attended her trainings as well as a co-trainer, I can honestly say that she truly is one of the most inspiring trainers I have ever worked with.

Julie has the rare gift to add the right mix of humour, real life examples and experiences to make any training "stick" for a very, very long time and I thoroughly enjoyed every training I attended.

Marcel den Hartog - Senior Director Area Field Marketing at CA Technologies, Netherlands


I can assure Julie is an excellent professional. She is engaged and enthusiastic, bringing high energy and positivity to all she does. She is proactive and will walk the “extra-mile” as she enjoys helping people. She seeks excellence in what she does, not contenting herself with status-quo but always looking for ways to improve and add value. She is very easy to work with, as she displays a candid and direct personality focused on achieving team success.

Belen Lopez - Sr Education Consultant at CA, Spain


When Julie enters the room the energy level lifts. As a trainer and presenter, she's highly skilled in engaging her audience to take them on a development journey.

She’s passionate in her delivery of training and uses real life examples which everyone can relate to.  Her problem solving approach is always focused on innovation and making the solution simple, workable and results focused.  I have no hesitation in recommending Julie as a trainer, coach and mentor.

Graeme Fish –  Sales Capability Consultant/Executive Coach at Fuji Xerox, Australia


Julie is a fantastic facilitator, bringing a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and humour to the room. She is both engaging and energetic, which makes for a perfect learning environment. I have learnt lots and grown personally thanks to the training, development, coaching and support that Julie has provided me over the years.

Zoe Wingfield - HR Operations Manager - EMEA at CA Technologies, UK


Julie is an exceptional talent and truly does an amazing job in helping others to develop.

Jason Davis -* Senior Principal Services Architect at CA technologies, UK


Julie is a very bubbly character with unlimited energy and a very positive mind set towards specific challenges, and the future in general. Because Julie is very open and honest, she is well liked as a person and much appreciated as a colleague, mentor and coach.


I had the pleasure of working with Julie when I attended CA Technologies’ LDP program last year. In addition to the intelligent and very relevant feedback Julie provided during this multi-channel, multi-session training, I appreciated her sincerity and her ability to use experiences from her personal life to help others. Thanks to Julie’s personality, expertise and skills, the LDP program was very valuable to my career and my personal life.

Arno A. Brugman - Senior Business Technology Architect, Netherlands


Julie is a glass very much half full individual who commands attention and is easy to listen to. I've been on a number of management training sessions that Julie has presented and they have been effective, enjoyable and well organised. Julie, having carried out a management role for many years talks from experience in many cases. I recommend Julie as a management training consultant.

Leslie Green - Sr Director, Customer Success at CA Technologies, UK


Julie is incredibly passionate about coaching others to help them succeed. She has a natural ability to gain trust quickly and to put people at ease which encourages people to be very open and fully engaged. Julie is creative and fun, she understands the importance of teaching with a vision to motivate individuals and teams to get the best results. I'd highly recommend Julie for her unique skill set.

Julie Harris - Supervisor Customer Experience Representatives at CA Technologies, UK



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